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Protecting, enhancing and fostering the sport and interests of the freshwater anglers of New Zealand

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Twenty years on

October 1 marks the 20th anniversary of the release of The State of New Zealand's Environment report, New Zealand's first major environmental review which was published in 1997. It took five years to produce, and was the first attempt to chronicle the state of New Zealand's environment.

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Farmers need to stop blame shift

Farmers need to stop blame shifting and take responsibility for their part in the pollution of our waterways and local government needs to be held accountable.

The common denominator in all the pollution we have is big business. These are the culprits that local and central government need to focus on.

Sure farmers have been investing in riparian strips and fencing which has helped ease the leaching on our waterways but it is not the complete answer....

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Political Parties Ranked On Outdoor Recreation and Environment (Updated)

A outdoor recreation forum survey of parliamentary political parties on outdoor recreation and the environment has resulted in NZ First ranking top. At the other end of the ladder National ranked bottom equal with the Maori Party. 

An election charter with “17 questions relating to outdoor recreation and the environment were sent to all parties. Of parties currently in Parliament NZ First, on 94 out of 100, was well ahead of United Future, (76) followed by Labour (64) and then the Green Party (58).

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Lost Rivers of the North Island

We've extended our 'Lost Rivers' mapping to include North Island Rivers - Again the results are disappointing - note the attached picture of the water quality in the Waikato River catchment..

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Unity is Being Eroded by Division

Recently in the US, at an “Over-population Conference” in Washington DC, a former Governor of Colorado Richard D Lamm spoke on the startling subject, how to destroy America. Before he spoke an eminent college professor Victor Hansen Davis talked about his latest book, 'Mexifornia,' explaining how immigration - both legal and illegal was destroying the entire state of California.

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Lost and Declining Trout Rivers Identified by NZFFA

New Zealand’s trout fisheries are going downhill and in some cases such as Canterbury’s Selwyn and Irwell Rivers, “lost” as public trout fisheries says Graham Carter, president of the NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers.

“It’s very eye opening and a sharp reminder with an election looming, that water and rivers is an issue to take up with politicians. At the very least all anglers must vote and vote with the future of our trout rivers in mind,” he said. 

"Lost Rivers" represents a decline of the ‘intergenerational equity’ and every New Zealander shares in our freshwater resources

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Lost Rivers....

“It extremely dishearting to realise the true extent of the declines in our freshwater fisheries”, This map highlights those declines in the South Island


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Farmers’ Belated River Pledge Welcomed

“It’s great news,” said Graham Carter president of the NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers. “It shows a new-found commitment by Federated Farmers NZ under its new invigorating leadership but I’m disappointed it’s not sooner rather than later as today.”


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new illustrated book on rivers by Bill Benfield

The state of our rivers has become a political hot topic, so much so, that even politicians’ are getting involved. Everyone has a different idea about what we should do about it. Urban based and often conservation groups blame agriculture, particularly “dirty dairy”. Rural communities blame “townies”. Both are right and both are wrong

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Where have all the rivers gone, long time passing?

The number of rivers we have lost, in Canterbury, is rarely appreciated by the general public. Fishermen know; because their Canterbury lowland fishery has virtually disappeared. And that is no bull (excuse the paronomasia)! When the rivers dry up, even if only for a few weeks, or even days....

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Government RMA Changes Diminish Democracy (Special Report)

Changes by Government to the Resource Management Act have lessened the democratic voice of the public over rivers and water quality and quantity, says the NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers...

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Labour’s “About Face” on Rivers Sad for Environment

A national trout fishing organisation says the Labour Party’s reversal of its policy on charging commercial users for use of freshwater is a retrograde 180 degree turn around and therefore disappointing.

Graham Carter, president of the New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers said the backdown by Labour was a sad day for the public’s rivers which in some cases had died while others were in death throes due to water depletion and nitrate contamination...

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Does angler pressure preclude catching fish

A group of South Island freshwater anglers have formed a group called Kiwi Anglers First.

The group is concerned at the decline of angling in the back country rivers and the building of a fishing lodge by foreign owners exclusively for foreign fishers...

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Government RMA Changes Ominous for Future of Water

An annual report presented to the Federation’s annual general meeting recently held in Rotorua it was said the inescapable perception was that the proposed changes favoured economic development above environmental and recreational values.

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Hungry Neighbours by Skye Wishart

As an Ecologist I am appalled by this amateurish article. The trout in the Canterbury rivers are themselves in rapid decline...

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New Zealander's Own Water - Not for Sale

The New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers is calling for water royalties to be paid...

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