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Protecting, enhancing and fostering the sport and interests of the freshwater anglers of New Zealand

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At the June 2018 AGM the meeting voted to make membership of the NZFFA free

15th July 2018

All supporters and all of those who care about our freshwater fisheries are urged to become members of the NZFFA so that the NZFFA can be a more effective advocate for our freshwater fisheries

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Mackenzie Basin Dairying Intrusion

4 May 2019

The NZFFAs’ president Graham Carter said the underlying principle was about the short-sightedness and folly of allowing dairying expansion in low rainfall areas such as the Mackenzie Basin. Simons Pass Station near Lake Pukaki has appealed against Environment Court declarations that require discretionary land use consents would be required before dairy expansion can occur on the property


New Zealand - Better Go Soon!

4 May 2019

American fly fisher Howard West (Flylife issue 95, Autumn 2019) has called a ‘spade a spade’ in his Short Casts contribution “New Zealand - Better Go Soon!”. Long time trout anglers have noticed a steady decline in numbers and size of trout over the decades.


Is DOC Poisoning our Fisheries?

Dead Gulls in the upper Rakaia River due to poisoning to control numbers, has DOC got this right?


No to commericial trout farming

An informative letter to the editor about tout farming in NZ - click below for a read


River Crisis Urgently Needs Action

The NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers, is calling for urgent action on the plight of New Zealand’s deteriorating rivers both in terms of water quality and flow.

The call came in the wake of a reported article last week from Reuters in the USA’s prestigious “New York Times” and the UK’s “The Times” which said "New Zealand's clean, green image took a beating this summer as tourists travelling through the countryside posted pictures of lakes and rivers off limits due to contamination by farm effluent, garbage and human faeces." The article said “a booming dairy farming industry, along with a surge in tourists seeking unspoiled natural attractions, has taken its toll on the country's environment, heavily marketed as '100% Pure’.”


Farmers need to clean up their act

The article on Newshub, January 16  'Opinion: No more cheap shots at dairy farmers over water quality' by Tim Mackle CEO of Dairy NZ shows that he really doesn’t understand all of the issues. His statement “the simple reality these days is that no dairy cow can get into a stream thanks to dairy farmers having fenced off 97 percent of significant waterways on farms,” is complete rubbish...


Nitrates: Today’s Hemlock

Are our nitrate laden water supplies killing us? Sadly New Zealand now has one of the highest bowel cancer rates in the world; and it is growing. How is "God’s Own country", of just 4.8 million people, which markets tourism, and its exports, as "100% pure" (and "clean and green”) in such a medical crisis?


It Pays to agitate....but

The Take a Kid Fishing programme at the Groynes Reserve near Christchurch. It has been one of the most successful events in getting young people away from screens and into the outdoors.



The NZFFA's has been busy making a submission to this controversial Bill.

You can read them here;

Submission and Speech to the Select Committee

Anglers Federation pans 3 Waters Response

15th November 2018

The New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers (NZFFA), is disappointed, but not surprised, by the Local Government NZ position statement on the 3 Waters project. The statement suggested that ‘while there are challenges at the margin, by and large New Zealand’s water system is far from broken,’ and that wastewater and storm-water standards were best left to run their course before introducing new ones.



1st November 2018

Press Release

Dairy NZ and NZME have launched a movement called 'The Vision is Clear', demonstrating that there is a clear vision for change and reflecting the benefit of this vision to all New Zealanders – healthier waterways for all to enjoy" 

And while the vision looks good from the outside it is very murky on the inside.

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Dairy Farming, All Talk And No Walk

24th October 2018

October sees the start of the fishing season, and the first visits to the rivers since autumn... And this is what we find... Come on, we have to do much better than this!!

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The end of freshwater sports fishing

20th September 2018

The New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers is aghast over plans by Greens MP Eugenie Sage to introduce a bill (Conservation [Indigenous freshwater Fish] Act Amendment). NZFFA President Graham Carter says “If this bill goes through as is, it could spell the end of Freshwater Sports Fishing in New Zealand


Is Fencing Rivers a Failure?

16th September 2018

“Bill Benfield said the policy of riparian strips was well intentioned but failed to fully address the problem of nitrate run-off and leaching.  “Logically the problem is one of the total catchment, i.e. watershed management, not just a five or ten metre strips alongside streams,” he wrote.”


How Many People is Enough?

7th September 2018

“It’s high time, New Zealanders set themselves an upper limit to their numbers, and I have no hesitation in tabling my own estimate - it is 5 million people.”


Attitude To Fishing Vital

7th September 2018

"Never say I’ll go tomorrow. When you get a chance to go fishing, go! If you wait until tomorrow, tomorrow will drag into next week and next week will drag into next month and next month into next year - and some day it will be too late."


Trout Anglers Federation sets out Blueprint for Future

30th August 2018

The New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers has set out a draft operational plan for the next three years which features a strong emphasis on restoration of river quality and flow, access and other needs.



Trout Anglers Want Whitebait and Eels “De-commercialised”

20th August 2018

A trout and rivers advocacy the NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers want native fish in whitebait and eels largely de-commercalised. Federation president Graham Carter spoke out in support of the Forest and Bird Society who recently said whitebait should not be for sale.

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Is NZ’s Trout Fishing Heading for “Paradise Lost”

14th August 2018

“I was captivated by the abundant high quality trout water, the natural beauty and the friendly people,” he recalls. “It was a fly fisher's paradise.”

But that’s all changing and too fast...



Trout Federation Urges Anglers "Get Involved In Fish and Game Elections"

14th August 2018

NZFFA urges anglers to get involved in this year’s elections for Fish and Game Councils.


Down a Country Road

14 August 2018

Life time memeber of the NZFFA Tony Orman shares a collection of short stories on the personalities who have made the often remote back country their home.



I have seen Armageddon!

21th July 2018

An environmental “Armageddon” will be fought on the bed of the Rakaia River south of Christchurch; the battle between the “forces of evil” vs common sense and common good


Clean, Flowing Rivers Must be Restored- Trout Fishing Lobby

17th July 2018

Restoring clean flowing rivers is the goal of a national trout fishing advocacy the New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers (NZFFA). NZFFA President Graham Carter of Hamilton at the organisation’s recent annual conference in Christchurch said clean and adequately flowing water in the public’s rivers must be restored.

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Is  Catch and Release As Good As It Feels?

11th July 2018

Tony Orman looks at questions emerging about “catch and release” that need to be addressed

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It really is “Theft”

16th June 2018

by Rex N. Gibson

We often hear the terms “institutionalised racism”, “institutionalised Sexism”, etc., but I will use the term “institutionalised theft” when it comes to OUR water...

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“Man must make himself small and humble to live within it rather than a ruthless giant to conquer it”

15th June 2018

Vancouver Island and Roderick Haig-Brown

by Tony Orman

I can’t resist dropping into a second hand book shops when I’m travelling or to the local one here in Blenheim. Naturally I head for the fishing and hunting section...

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Trout and River Advocacy Opposes Chemicals at Groynes

24th May 2018

“I am vehemently opposed to the use of chemical sprays to combat the Lagarosiphon infestation at the fish out ponds at the Groynes,” he said.

“Indeed judging by strong opposition from the Salmon Anglers and North Canterbury Fish and Game the feeling is strong within the angling public.

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Toxicity of Chlorine to Brown Trout

17th May 2018

This paper deals with the responses of the Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta Linn.), to free chlorine residuals in freshwater, and the potential toxicity that sometimes results when waste water containing free chlorine residuals, is discharged from sewerage and water treatment plants, into a receiving river or stream

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Trout Fishers Urge Restoring Full ECAN elections

15th May 2018

The NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers has urged the new government to restore fully democratic elections to Environment Canterbury “as soon as possible”

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Public Parks off-Limits

17th April 2018

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a ban on future offshore oil and gas exploration saying the only exploration likely to be contemplated would be on-shore exploration, limited to energy-rich Taranaki. Not entirely clear is the position of the public’s forest parks such as the 200,000 hectare Victoria Forest Park near Lewis Pass. The previous National-led government in 2014 allowed overseas corporates rights to drill off-shore and on-shore . One was Victoria Forest Park. At the time the then energy minister Simon Bridges admitted although he had signed the deal off, he had never heard of the park. There are competing predictions for a cooling as well as a warming climate and if this occurred, then it was important New Zealand was self-sufficient in fuel. Public lands should be excluded from oil and gas exploration, but private land exploration would be up to property owners, oil and gas corporates and government environmental safeguards.. Public wilderness should not be part of any exploitive exploration.

Andi Cockroft

Co-chairman Council of Outdoor Recreation Assns.,NZ

Submission: Rangitata River RDR Consent applications

February 2018

The RDR is applying for resource consents to replace a fish screen and to take more water from the Rangitata River, Mid Canterbury

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The Public's Waterways

5th February 2018

Recently former Minister of Primary Industries Nathan Guy was bleating the new government is holding back regional New Zealand through its opposition to water storage projects which he says help grow jobs in the regions, boost exports and provide environmental sustainability. By his utterances Guy shows the lack of environmental stewardship of the previous government.


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Salmon Symposium a success

12th November

Managed to get along to this in Ashburton at the weekend - want to congratulate Fish and Game on a very well run event, the quality of information was very good as were the presentations, highlights for me was the presentation from Canadian fisheries expert David Willis which was very informative and gave insights as to the way forward. New Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage was equally interesting as she gave the audience hope that the new Govt will address many of the environmental issues impacting on our river - to sum it up - she's on our side! At one point organiser Mathew Hall asked the audience if they was anyone in the room who disagreed that the salmon fishery was in a perilous state - no one did - I spoke to one retired Rakaia Gorge farmer who remembered the good old days - over 100 fish for a season! - how times have changed... The weekend ended with some words of wisdom from retiring F&G head Bryce Johnston - who suggested this was perhaps our last chance for these rivers and therefore the salmon fishery - when you consider what we once had - took for granted for so long - we can't afford to lose the King of fish and the King of our rivers - and so the fight to save the last of the salmon has begun - I hope it's one we can win!

Steve Gerard

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Farmers need to stop blame shift

Farmers need to stop blame shifting and take responsibility for their part in the pollution of our waterways and local government needs to be held accountable.

The common denominator in all the pollution we have is big business. These are the culprits that local and central government need to focus on.

Sure farmers have been investing in riparian strips and fencing which has helped ease the leaching on our waterways but it is not the complete answer....

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Lost Rivers of the North Island

We've extended our 'Lost Rivers' mapping to include North Island Rivers - Again the results are disappointing - note the attached picture of the water quality in the Waikato River catchment..

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Lost and Declining Trout Rivers Identified by NZFFA

New Zealand’s trout fisheries are going downhill and in some cases such as Canterbury’s Selwyn and Irwell Rivers, “lost” as public trout fisheries says Graham Carter, president of the NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers.

“It’s very eye opening and a sharp reminder with an election looming, that water and rivers is an issue to take up with politicians. At the very least all anglers must vote and vote with the future of our trout rivers in mind,” he said. 

"Lost Rivers" represents a decline of the ‘intergenerational equity’ and every New Zealander shares in our freshwater resources

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Lost Rivers....

“It extremely dishearting to realise the true extent of the declines in our freshwater fisheries”, This map highlights those declines in the South Island


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