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Current Projects;


Dairy Farming, All Talk And No Walk

October sees the start of the fishing season, and the first visits to the rivers since autumn... And this is what we find... Really! What's going on here, come on, we have to do much better than this!!


More Pictures here

Polluted & Degraded Rivers - Photos

The NZFFA asks you to send in as photos from your local area of any polluted, degraded, dewatered waterways. We want to put together an essay of rivers from around the country so we can hold local councils to account


Degraded River Photos

Lost River maps South Island

“It extremely dishearting to realise the true extent of the declines in our freshwater fisheries”, This map highlights those declines in the South Island


SOuth island Mapping

Lost River Maps North Island

We've extended our 'Lost Rivers' mapping to include North Island Rivers - Again the results are disappointing - note the below picture of the water quality in the Waikato River catchment..

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