Hungry Neighbours by Skye Wishart

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Re: Hungry Neighbours by Skye Wishart


As an Ecologist I am appalled by this amateurish article. The trout in the Canterbury rivers are themselves in rapid decline. This data is available from North Canterbury Fish and Game and is reflected in recent fishing licence changes. The decline in galaxiids is almost entirely due to other environmental limiting factors briefly referred to in the article; i.e. the consequences of land use intensification and modification (mostly for dairy) and significant wetland drainage.

The aquifer depletion through irrigation (water mining) and their replenishment have drained the streams and rivers referred to, resulting in major aquatic habitat loss.

This article is not based on science. No evidence is provided for the extrapolated figures on galaxiid predation. It is opinion dressed up with misinformation and presents no real data to justify the hypothesis. It thus provides no credit for the publication.

Rex N. Gibson QSM
M.Sc.(Distinction), Dip.Ed.Man., Dip.Tch.


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