Regulators get salvo from Mainfreight

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Regulators get salvo from Mainfreight


The Federation of Freshwater Anglers congratulates Mainfreight founder and chairman Bruce Plested in his hard-hitting social message in their annual review.

Plested took a swipe at politicians for the state of the countries environment as election time nears.

Mr Plested said: that Environmental degradation required strong political will over recycling and water, and that regulators has left the problem of fresh water rights for our children and grandchildren.

Plested blamed the ‘wee bit more’ philosophy.

‘Just a few more cows per acre, just a wee bit more water for irrigation, just another water bore in case it doesn’t rain, just a wee bit more stormwater, just a few more years of raping our already depleted fish stocks.’

The problems could not be fixed by the market but were like law and order issues politicians should deal with, he said.




Graham Carter

President NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers Inc