The end of freshwater sports fishing

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20th September 2018
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The end of freshwater sports fishing


The New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers is aghast over plans by Greens MP Eugenie Sage to introduce a bill (Conservation [Indigenous freshwater Fish] Act Amendment).

NZFFA President Graham Carter says “If this bill goes through as is, it could spell the end of Freshwater Sports Fishing in New Zealand, as it exempts residents who are authorised under the Treaty of Waitangi Act from restrictions on taking, possessing or selling sports fish” “Next thing we know there will be wholesale netting of trout as they will be worth money and there will be no fish left for the angler who enjoys the activity of sports fishing” Carter says.

The NZFFA have emailed all Angling Clubs imploring them to submit to their members, details of how to respond to this threat. Furthermore, this has been the subject of some broad social network activity. Uptake on the facebook page has been widespread and response to club emails has been widely accepted and we are encouraged by their support.

This bill effectively takes any authority away from Fish and Game and surplants it with the Department of Conservation. As a group, we find this absurd, where Fish and Game are responsible for the fishing and hunting licences but if this bill goes through, they will have no jurisdiction on the fisheries. “We expect there to be a huge backlash from the public” says Carter.

The Green Party should be worried that their voting public are totally against this bill and that this could cost the Greens severely in the next election.

Contact: Graham Carter  021 026 00437