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1080 info links


Below are useful links on the 1080 debate


Here is a link to some flight charts which show exactly where the baits are dropped As you will see, in most drops bait are dropped directly into all waterways at the same rate as the land areas. It's been this way since the drops first started. Waterways can't be avoided if undertaking aerial operations ... https://www.tv-wild.com/toxin-distribution-charts 

Here is the latest video clip on the trout - with Brett Power presenting ... https://youtu.be/vEUquwYuYTM 

In this video clip you will see a dude that supplies water to 80 Coromandel residents stating he wasn't informed the poison was dropped, and he was drawing water the day it was dropped just upstream from his intake (interview at 14:40 minutes in) . .. https://youtu.be/ QbAeUa5ueRg

1080 Poison Safe in Water - EPA -https://youtu.be/J4pe-Ma4L-o

1080 Poisoned Trout Risk Greater Than First Declared Says Researcher - https://youtu.be/vEUquwYuYTM

1080 Poison dropped Directly into Auckland Water Supplies - https://youtu.be/YKB1q5JDNvY

Coromandel Water Supplies Poisoned - https://youtu.be/ QbAeUa5ueRg

Trout Mass-poisoned in New Zealand -https://youtu.be/0Uf2wBprSw0

New Zealand Rivers - the Fight to Keep them Poison-free -https://youtu.be/nKL7KllorWw