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Canterbury’s Water Pollution – a “One Health” Perspective


“One Health” is a multidisciplinary approach to managing human, animal, and environmental health that recognizes the interdependence of people, animals, and the environment.

One Health looks for the drivers of globally emerging infectious diseases such as SARS, MERS, and corona virus (COID-19) – trade, density of people, movement of people and animals, changing agricultural practices and climate change.

The drivers for Canterbury’s polluted water are agriculture, politics and profit.

Canterbury’s water pollution is the result of changed agricultural practices and the failure of local and central government to acknowledge and respond to a growing environmental and public health crisis preferring to play down pollution for the sake of the short term profits of influential agribusiness lobby groups.

The rocks in the Hinds River are worthwhile making a comment to ECan on.

Thank you Fonterra. Rather than rocks and toxic levels of nitrate, the NZFFA would much prefer adequate water fit for healthy aquatic ecosystems and safe swimming.

How about these nitrate results? (and limits given trout eggs and fry and god knows what other aquatic life are stuffed at much lower levels)