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Salmon Farming in NZ

ARE WE STUPID OR WHAT - globally salmon farming has achieved disease, pollution, and animal welfare concerns that make "dirty dairying appear positively "organic "

There is insufficient cheap fish protein to meet the global demand from fish farms. Waste from chicken and red meat processing plants is being used as a substitute.

Millions of dead salmon in Scotland and Norway has prompted a massive public backlash.

Norway is turning to Iceland for clean sites.

Sir David Attenborough stated the wild fish will be wiped out by industry associated diseases.

The Scottish green party has called for a ban on salmon farms yet the Scottish and

Norwegian governments have bet the farm on this industry.

In New Zealand ministers on both sides of the houses appear enamored of this dumb idea

- Fish food is imported duty free;

- MPI appears to be covering up the scale of fish deaths in the sounds;

- NZ King salmon seems able to seek government funds to address its problems while at the same time claiming they are a wealthy "environmental" company;

- Up to 70% of the value of the finished fish is spent on imported fish food.

- NZKS is importing Atlantic salmon and selling it under it's own Southern Ocean brand.